Just finished my exercise, damn tired !!! Let me remind my goal first

1. I choose to easily and quickly weight 50kg by June 2009

2. I choose to feel people find me attracktive

3. I choose to be well organise and alway have a plan of action

4. I choose to easily and consistency earn 200,000THB by Dec 2009

5. I choose to love and respect myself unconditionaly ^^


I don't know what going on to me, still keep thinking about why he texted me.

no matter what it is so effect my life so far, I have no idea what he wants from me eventhough

I some time missing him and thinking about our good time in SB. Its over now.

Time to move on, right? I know it's sad but not the rest of my life.

This is what I want to tell you;

"I shouldn't recall your memory about us (our life in SB) tell you what I've learn alot from you. I never think we gonna be like this days, our love is over to fast. Its good for us, right? you have many in life to achiever and you don't anything or anyone to be your obstracle. Me either.  Well, let talk about encouter of us, from now on there is no more Fai&Rai. You're not my Rai any more, I've erased you from my heart since that day when your innermost revealed. Good bye and hope not to see you again. So long"


"Fiona, you're young beautiful and smart

What's wrong with losing someone

 who is not smart enough to keep you close"